Solo camp trip

So, once a month we have 1/2 day summer Fridays for the duration of daylight savings. Mine happened to fall on a super sunny weekend, so I decided to head down to the coast – by myself. Its something I have always thought about doing, and at the grand age of 31 I’ve finally learned to be comfortable with my own company and not give a shit about what anyone else thinks, so solo camping was on the cards. I had heard great things about Point Leo Foreshore, which is a beach within a national park, about an hour from Melbourne, so I booked my spot online and headed down.

I was slightly nervous, but I actually had an epic time. I brunched, put the swag up all by myself successfully, strolled along the beach, drank a beer watching the sunset, cooked up some burgers on the grill and hit the sack about 9pm with a DVD. A perfect little adventure. One I loved so much, I booked again for the following weekend.


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