Coron Philippines

We were fortunate enough to spend 4 nights exploring and discovering the breathtaking natural beauty of Coron and the waters around Coron Island. Most people who visit Coron come for the epic island-hopping, so needless to say we spent most of our time island hopping.

TOUR A – Coron Ultimate Tour

Kayangan Lake is by far the most popular spot on Coron Island and for good reason. You cruise into the ‘parking lot’, which in itself is an immaculate reef with crystal clear water. After parking the boat you take a short hike up the stairs to the viewpoint before clambering down the other side to reach the famous Kayangan Lake. It’s a crystal clear freshwater lake with unbelievable underwater rock formations. Underwater cliffs will blow your mind as you snorkel or free dive in this fresh-water lake in Coron Island. Unless you get there first thing in the morning or last in the evening, then there’s a good chance it will be packed.

Twin Lagoon was another highlight of Tour A. As the name would suggest, there are quite literally two lagoons, where salt and freshwater meet. And there is a giant piece of limestone rock separating them. Boats dock in one half and the other half is accessed by swimming through a narrow crevice. Depending on the tide, this connecting cavern can either be completely submerged or only half submerged. When the cavern is only partially submerged, you can easily float through without ever having to go underwater. Just watch your head.

Tour D – Wrecks and Reefs

The highlight of this tour was snorkelling at Lusong Gunboat and Reef. Coron is famous for its several World War II wreck diving spots; Lusong is one of them. Others may be far grander, but this is one of the only ones you can see snorkelling. There were thousands of lively fishes are playing around the wreck, which is now concealed of glowingly colored soft and hard corals.

Just around the corner from the shipwreck is a beautiful reef known as the Lusong Coral Garden. The reef is filled with so many playful fishes. There is a huge variety of coral that grows up and down the drop-off wall. I had a lot of fun freediving and weaving in and out of the giant coral formations with the beautiful sea life. There is a really handy current here that pushes you along the shelf so you almost don’t have to kick with your fins.

After our four days in Coron, we headed back to El Nido via Ferry for the last few days of our trip.



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