Sangat Island

Our Tao expedition came to an end on the 24th of December and we spent the next two days on Sangat Island. We arrived in style with the expedition boat docking just off the shore and getting collected by one of Sangat’s speedboats (we did get a few glances from the guests!).

Nothing says paradise like a private island filled with perfect beaches, natural hot springs, gorgeous emerald blue water, and towering limestone mountains. And this is where we got to spend Christmas day!

We stayed in one of the hillside chalets, nestled at the base of a wall of towering, semi-timbered limestone cliffs. Complete, with our own double hammock.

The only downside of the two days – a typhoon. Luckily it didn’t directly hit the island, but it rained a lot, and the sea became very rough, which meant that water activities were out of the equation, like diving and kayaking. We did get a few snorkels in before the storm hit, on the house reef and managed to get to the hot springs, for about 15 minutes.

We wished we had a few more days on the island, but on the 26th of December, we were off on our next adventure to Coron.



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