Cathedral Ranges – A download from 2019

So, I haven’t been very active on the blog throughout 2019. Mainly because we did not have any internet at home, hence uploading photos was an issue. But…. We have finally sorted out our connection and I have a lot to post and update you on.

First up, Cathedral Ranges.

We went here the first week of January 2019. We attempted to hike Sugar Load Peak via Wells Cave. However…. Firstly, we went the wrong way around, you are meant to hike up Wells Cave (basically rock climbing up near vertical walls) and then head to Sugar Load Peak. Instead, the way walked would have meant trying to climb down Wells Cave. Very dangerous. Also, given it started to smash it down with rain as we neared the start of the decent, it would have also been super slippery. Taking advice from other hikers, we turned back and retraced our footsteps back to camp.

Ps… the snake is a Tiger Snake and it was HUGE!!

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