Grinnell Glacier

Grinnell Glacier is one of Glacier Park most popular glacier hikes. It contains all the elements one would expect with turquoise blue lakes, high alpine terrain, cliffs, waterfalls, wildflowers, wildlife and what everyone wants to see, a glacier. In a time when glaciers are facing rapid extinction (Glacier national park losing its glaciers with just 26 of 150 left), the opportunity to see a glacier this size in the lower 48 states, is something special. Wikipedia predicts the glaciers in the park to be gone by 2030 but other park web pages also state as soon as 2020.

The first leg of the trail takes you along Lake Josephine, and provides a small glimpse of the greatness you’re about to see.

After a while, you’ll see your first sight of Grinnell Lake. Creating a breathtaking scene as the turquoise glacier water is surrounded by the luscious greenery and massive mountains.

At roughly 3.6 miles, you’re left staring Grinnell Glacier and Upper Grinnell Lake right in the face. And left with a sense of pure amazement.

On the way back down, to top it all off, we saw a Grizzly. About 100yards away from the path. We stopped to take a few pictures, but then marched on with a group of about 4 families. Safety in numbers and all that. I don’t think I have ever walked so fast.


Ps – check out Jo’s reaction to my Nature wee. Apparently my power wizz echoed around the whole glacier.

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