Toboggans & butterflies

Today we decided to stay around Whitefish and rest our legs, ready for a bit 10mile hike tomorrow to Grinnell Glacier. We had a lazy start and then headed out the condo to the ski lifts to head up the mountain.

My inner child couldn’t resist a quick go on the toboggans. So much fun.


After I waited about an hour for Jo to get down the slide (she was so slow, bless) we headed up the mountain on the ski lifts to the top of the Danny On Trail, a 5.6mile walk which meanders down the slopes of Big Mountain through a dazzling array of blooming wildflowers, forests and fields. We added on a loop extension to Flower Point so we could see all the butterflies – there were hundreds. So pretty.

The hike down was actually much harder than I thought. Took about 4 hours. So obviously I was in much need of a beer when we got back to the base of the mountain.

Mexicano was on the cards that evening. I ate so many chips and dip. My belly was like a 5 months prego lady when I left.

Carb loading for tomorrow :-).







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