So we moved house

It’s been a few months since I wrote my last post, exciting things have been happening don’t worry, most importantly, we have finally got into a place of our own. Its a fully furnished number (even came with a blender) with lots of storage. Plus it has its own pool, steam room and gym. Which no one ever seems to use, so I feel like its my own private health area at time. It’s like a glimpse into the life of the rich and famous. I am going to be very dissapointed when we buy somewhere and I have to go back to swimming in a dirty, kid filled publc pool. Argh wincing at the thought.


Yet to have a house warming or go out in and around the area. its so cold and dark out at the moment after work, as soon as it gets to 7pm I am so tired and ready to just curl up on the sofa and watch Netflix (showing my age now! 30’s have hit me hard.) I think Jules is finding them slightly harder (he is 4 years older than me too) as most nights he falls asleep at 8pm (snoring and twitching away, even talking at times… unsure what that boy dreams of!!!!!), while I watch Netflix.

Short update for now.

But I am off to America in two weeks, so will be posting like crazy then.

Much love. B XXXX


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