Hamilton Island Day 4: Island Day

So today is our last day, so we spent it exploring the island.

I was the tour guide. Go Pro attached to my head, Kev and Mum hopped on the back of the golf buggy and we drove around the whole island.

En-route, we managed to find a driving range. It would have been rude not to stop and hit some balls hey?


After our tour, we headed to the pool to chill for the afternoon, which lasted about 10mins for me. I got fidgety and headed back into the sea to attempt to find more turtles.

I must have been snorkeling for  a goof 2 hours. And I got 2x turtle sightings. Although this time around I did not take the Go Pro, so we have no footage. But the turtle was easy half my size. Even bigger than the one I saw on the first day.

We ended our day with a glass of champers, watching the sun set at the top of Hamilton Island. A perfect end to our mini break.


Ps. check out the bat parade outside out apartment



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