Hamilton Island Day 3: Whitsundays

Today we headed off on another adventure to the Whitsudays.

We spend the first few hours of our trip off Chalkies beach, which is just a small boat trip away from Whitsundays.

We donned out stingers and headed out into the reef which was just offshore from the beach. It was super murky though and I couldn’t see much.

Desperately hunting for turtles (or any form of sea life) I went off course (slightly!). Mum, the ever panicker raised the alarm bells with the guides “I can’t see my daughter”. After radioing the different boats, they finally managed to hunt me down, identified by my blue snorkel. I got told off when I arrived back on the beach. Mum wasn’t happy!

When we got back to Hamilton, I took the gold buggy to a view point on the top of the island to watch the sunset. Turns out there is a bar also. I have managed to persuade mum and Kev to return with me tomorrow (lured by the prospect of vino).






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