Hamilton Island Day 2: Great Barrier Adventure

Today we set off on a boat to the Great Barrier Reef.

We headed to Bait Reef, which is about 2 hours from Hamilton Island. We had to don stinger suits. Mum looked like a member of star trek.


We spent a good 3 hours snorkeling the reefs, in two different spots. I was super proud of mum. At first, I didn’t think she was going to put her head under the water. She was just swimming with her head out the water, despite having her snorkel on (bless her). After a shaky start,we were off exploring.

You had a route which the organizers wanted you to follow, so it wasn’t a free for all. I did get a bit carried away when I saw a turtle and after following it for about 5 mins with a Go Pro managed to join a different group. I was quickly ushered away after our guide came speeding over in the boat.

I saw turtles, reef sharks and a stinger. It was an amazing experience.


Ps – check out the size of this spider. No way are we opening the kitchen window!!

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