Hamilton Island

So my mother and her other half have finally landed in Melbourne.

They literally stayed for one day and then we flew to Hamilton Island, off the Whitsundays. After a minor delay at the airport, we landed about 12.

We have a stunning view from our accommodation and we get to drive around the island in a golf buggy (with pimped alloys).

After a quick bite to eat at the harbor, I grabbed my snorkel and headed for the beach.

Manged to see a few mini rays and a HUGE turtle, which I was oblivious to until he literally swam through my legs. He is a Loggerhead, apparently well known by the locals. Been there for years. I saw a stingray the size of me (and a bit more) and got so scared I swam back to the beach. I did not want the same fate as our old mate Steve.

After a few vinos on the porch, we headed to the beach for dinner at the Chinese restaurant and had a feast.

A great first day.

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