Xmas Day

So this year was a bit of a different Christmas for us over here in Ozzy.

We woke up in the morning and opened our gifts and cards from our families in the UK. Then we strolled up the road to the only coffee shop which was open on Albert Park (to be honest I was lucky that even one cafe had decided to open).

I made some quick phone calls to thank everyone for their presents – knowing that our Christmas day was going to be heavily fulled with alcohol and they might’en get a call that evening.

We headed down to the beach post coffee and chilled in the head, paddled in the sea and played some bat and ball. Then our friends came and collected us about 1pm and we headed to our friends house for a roof top BBQ and games.

Everyone brought their own dish. I had salmon all prepared and Jules had a cheeseboard. The guys had turkey, pulled pork, roast potatoes, stuffing, coleslaw etc. It was a feast.


Drinking started about 1pm and went on till 2am in the morning, beer pong, water pistols, cards against humanity all went down. It was like we were on holiday. Especially given that it was about 30c.

Although all our families were very much missed, and it did not feel like Christmas in the slightest, we had a super day and were thankful to be around all our friends having such a laugh.



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