Swings, Seafood and Snorkeling

After breakfast we went out for a snorkel right outside our accommodation. The beach outside Wilson’s happens to back onto Halik, one of the best snorkeling reefs in the Northern Gilis.

I went to get my makeshift rashest out my suitcase so I didn’t re-burn and I was nearly sick… it honestly smelt like a dead cat. I quickly washed and sprayed it (later I found out the spray I used was mozzy repellent) and we headed out.

We spent two hours in the water, at depths of 10 meters. I was soooo impressed with my confidence levels. We saw a few sleepy turtles (they wake up around midday) at the bottom of the reef and then towards the end we saw them swimming to the surface for air, was super cool. They are so cute and gracious. Photos to come, going to do one mass upload once I have edited all the footage.

We chilled for the rest of the afternoon and watched the sunset at Ombak Sunset. I also managed to get Jules to flex his photography schools and take some snaps of me on the famous sea swings. Although I got stuck behind a Chinese family and needless to say they took there time…..

We headed south to Scallywags for dinner. They offer the widest range of fresh seafood on the island, cooked up in a beach side BBQ. Jules and I both got huge lobsters (for like $12, everything is so cheap here).

We fooled ourselves into thinking we would head out for a party after dinner. We didn’t…

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