Random work post

So I thought I would do a random post about my new job and new morning routine. Getting up at 6am has not been easy. I am ready to go back to bed by 8pm most nights. So this is now my morning routine:

  • 6am: Get out of bed and get bike. Cycle to gym
  • 6.15am: Workout
  • 7.30am: Stretch
  • 8.00am: Cycle to work (map of route below). This generally takes about 20 minutes.

FireShot Screen Capture #007 - 'Ogilvy Australia to 77 Nott St, Port Melbourne VIC 3207 - Google Maps' - www_google_com_au_maps_dir_Ogilvy+Australia,+.png

  • 8.15am: Shower at work. The showers are actually really nice. There is even a drying cabinet for towels (I am a bit of a skank and put my gym stuff under my towel so its dry for the cycle back and doesn’t stink).
  • 8.30: COFFEEEEEE. There is a café in the building where I work which I tend to get one from each morning so I can function. There is an actual coffee machine at work, with milk frothier etc. But I have had issues with it every time I have used it. Serious noise has been made. Which I do not think is appreciated by anyone in the office.
  • 8.45: Get to desk. Drink coffee. Eat a FREE cereal bar in the kitchen as a snack before breakfast.

I do feel that I manage to cram a lot in to such a short space of time.

 So I am based near the Botanical Gardens and the Shrine of Remembrance. I have been around these before but yesterday was super hot and I wanted to get out of the office so I went for a little wonder and took some snaps and selfies.

 Oh and I thought I would also show you the view from the office – not bad eh?

Ozzy Observations

Observation Of The Day: I have an awesome view from my work window, great for creative thinking hey?

Today’s Finds: Drinks Friday every week? Work come around with free food and drink every Friday on a drinks trolley from, 4pm – loving it. We have big pub lunches too – lots of booze and food. Winning.

Animal Watch: If I stayed later I am sure some members in the agency might have resembled animals. I left to see Mr Gorgeous – Aka Mr Fawkes.

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