Day 61: Albert Park Golf Celebrations

So today Jules, Nick (our flatmate) and little old me headed over to Albert Park to play some Golf. Albert Park Golf Course has been described as Australia’s best located public golf course. Located just 2km  from the Melbourne CBD and boasting stunning views of the city skyline and the picturesque Albert Park lake. Its also home of the F1 Australian Grand Prix which is on in a few weeks. Unfortunately I do not think I will be playing in the PGA any time soon – but my golf wasn’t too bad. I kept up with the lads anyhow.


Ozzy Observations

Observation Of The Day: I am definitely better at playing golf indoors. One does not have to think about all the elements – wind, sand, trees when playing a shot, or think about short game technique or tactics for chipping and putting.

Today’s Finds: I need to get out on the golf course more. If I am to improve my game and take on the godfather of golf himself (Jules) I need to up my game.

Animal Watch: There were some funny looking pigeons all over the golf course. Looked like they were back in the Punk years with their Mohawks.




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