Day 59: We have a job

30 CV’s and Covering letters sent, 3 meetings with recruitment consultants and 12 interviews later…. I have a job.

On Monday I officially start work at Ogilvy Melbourne in a newly created role (just for little old me!). Clients include BMW, Priceline (Oz version of Boots), Mini, AAMI Insurance (like Axa UK) and a load of others.

Jules and I are going to play a round of golf on Sunday to celebrate. Been practicing all week. Fingers crossed I have a good game.

Ozzy Observations:

Observation Of The Day: Creating lag in the golf swing is mega hard. I might just give up and embrace the casting.

New Finds: A cheeky bike shop up the road in Port Melbourne sells cheapo bikes with interest free credit. Given cycling to work takes 20mins and trams take 45mins I brought myself a cheeky cycle. Quicker and  bit of a cardio blast – which if you read about the running incident is much needed.


Animal Watch: Quiet. Although I saw a fly today which looked like it took steroids. Twas massive. You would not want to accidentally swallow that one. Would be a meal in itself. No wonder the spiders are so big over here. I think the fly itself was on par with the size of a small house spider in the UK.

2 thoughts on “Day 59: We have a job

  1. Amazing news on the new job babe! Sounds like you’ll be working with some wicked clients too. I had a chuckle at the fly comment. Have you seen any massive spiders yet? Miss you xxx Jen

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    1. No thank god. A friend of mine who lives out the back of Melbourne said he has seen a few in his pad – mainly in the sink.But he has been here 5yrs. I think they aren’t that common in the city. When I see one, you will defo know about it haha.Miss you too need to skype soon xxx


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