Day 57: Queen Vic Night Market Take 2

Tonight was Queen Victoria Night Market round Two. Yes you didn’t believe my earlier post when I mentioned going back each week till we sampled all 50 cuisines did you? Jules managed to polish off another 3 – All American Mac & Cheese, Seafood Rice Croquettes, Banana and Mango Sorbet. Our flat mate Nick took down some Chicken Kebabs, some Salmon Jerky and about three servings of Mango. So that’s 6 in total.



Ozzy Observations

Observation Of The Day: I don’t mind being a bus wanker in Melbourne. Much better than being a tram wanker. All nicely air-conned. More direct route and quicker. Winning!!

Today’s Finds: New golf channel on YouTube for skill work and drills is up there. Pro in the making here. Managed to get my 9 iron over 100 meters the other day. I’m taking Jules on this Sunday so need to get some practice in. On another note I saw a Osteopath about my dodgy hips and he has forbidden me from squatting for two weeks until I can properly engage my glutes. Apparently I take most the force through my hamstrings and lower back, which is compressing my sacroiliac joint, hence the dull ache. So stretching and foam rolling is needed.

Animal Watch: Jules smelt like an animal after work. A dead one. That boy sweats. I have to wash his clothes every day (the wash basket lives outside on the balcony – whiffy!)

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