Day 51: White Night Melbourne 2016

Today we went to White Night, a free 12-hour art-venture in and around Melbourne city, with visual art, projections, music, food, theatre, film, design and performances from 7pm until 7am.

The atmosphere was amazing, the main strips, laneways, and shopfronts were lit up with projections and artworks, while the streets will came alive with live performances.

Our first stop was Melbourne state library, which put on a show called ‘Ideation’ in the Dome, a multi-sensory world of interwoven soundscapes and illuminated projection that explored the idea of the library as an ecosystem of imagination.


The dresses were one my favorites, made from hundreds of fibre-optic strands into the form of three beautiful and extravagant gowns suspended in darkness.


The NGV had a pretty awesome illumination also.

Ozzy Observations:

Observation of The Day: I’m not good in large crowds when I have been starved of food for a few hours. Both Jules and I hit an all time low half way through the night BUT potato twists came to the rescue.

Potatoe twist.jpg

Today’s Finds: Lots of cool artworks and illuminations.

Animal Watch: Does a giant Gold Gorilla hanging off Melbourne town hall count?





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