Day 49: Queen Victoria Night Market

Tonight we hit up Queen Victoria Night Market – a mix of entertainment, local artesian and food fairs, and market stalls. There is even an area dedicated to mind, body and spirit, where if you really fancied it you could enjoy a massage, some reflexology or visit a tarot or aura reader.

Now let’s cut the to the chase and talk food. With more than 50 food stores there is something for everyone – literally, including: Indian, Vietnamese, Ethiopian, Spanish, Dutch and Middle Eastern.


Naturally Jules wanted to eat everything. I think he ended up with a random mix of fried dumplings, beef jerky, sangria, chips and beef brisket. I had some satay chicken sticks. Simple but amazing.


Ozzy Observations:

Observation of The Day: The night market only runs for another six weeks. We sampled 4 cuisines today. We have 46 left.. which means we now have to average 7.6 for the next six weeks if we want to sample all of the food (which of course we do!)

Today’s Finds: A dragon? Its Chinese New Year so to celebrate Queen Victoria Market had Dragon Dance which ran at intervals throughout the night. During the Dance, a dozen or so performers held the dragon up on poles. They raise and lower the Dragon making him “dance” as they wind through the masses to the sounds of horns, drums and gongs. Dragons are believed to bring good luck to people – fingers crossed our luck is 1) we both get permanent jobs 2) we sell the flat. On another note I found $20 outside Coles (supermarket) today, I have never been so happy. Every penny counts (and I currently have Zero!).


Animal Watch: Lots of spit roasts.



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