Day 44: Yoga and Running Chafing

Ive been rubbish at taking rest days from the gym these past few weeks as I have so much time on my hands and all this sleep means ENERGY. But I’ve noticed lifts decreasing so I decided to take a day off from the barbells and get my stretch on. So early morning yoga it was. I signed up for an intro class just up the road. It was a mix of active flow and stretches.

After I decided it would be a great idea to hit the beach and go for a run along the beach front and around Albert park lake.

Map my run.png

Bearing in mind I:

1) haven’t ran outside for about a year and

2) haven’t done any cardio for over two months

7miles was slightly optimistic maybe. 90 minutes later; having got lost in Albert park, with a dead iPod and no music; dehydrated; with sever inner thigh chafing (I actually had to stop about ten minutes from our flat due to pain. On the verge of drawing blood) I return home. I do believe my cardiovascular fitness needs some work…..

On the plus side, my golf is getting better.I’ve been going to the indoor golf center quite a bit as you can spend as long as you want in the bays and hit as many balls as you want for next to nothing. The simulators give you feedback on everything from ball speed, shot angle, distance, spin, trajectory etc. You win some and loose some I suppose.

Ozzy Observations:

Observation of The Day: Cardio needs some work. Think 10 minutes on 10 off. That’s how bad the situation is.

Today’s Finds: I need longer shorts OR thinner thighs I obviously would prefer the latter but unsure if that is going to happen anytime soon (just hit the 4kg weight gain mark).

Animal Watch: I was sunbathing on the beach the other day minding my own business to be awaken my a wet Labrador shaking seawater all over me with his head in my empty food bag licking the remains of my salad bowl. Charming.


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