Day 38: Park Yoga

I got woken up super early this morning (9am is considered early for this non working Melbournian) to attend yoga in the Botanical gardens (just FYI the picture was supplied by Google, its not actually us).

Park yoga

To be honest there was a million things I would rather do than attend yoga, but I am super glad we attended. The class was really tough, tougher than any yoga class I had done before. Lots of core strength needed alongside flexibility.

I couldn’t look a Jules without crying with laughter, bless him wobbling around and falling all over the place. Most the time I had to call over to him, as we had switched pose and he hadn’t heard. He was in ‘child’s pose’ curled up like a baby for about five minutes before he realised we had moved on.

We all went for breakfast and coffee after. Much needed HANGA fuel.

I think we are going again next week and then heading to St Kilda Festival, Melbourne largest free festival. Each year the streets of St Kilda are closed to traffic when the pick of Australia’s best musicians play over multiple stages, while people are entertained with a vast range of performances, workshops, extreme sports, dance, carnival rides, buskers and a whole lot more. Apparently usually attracts over 40,000 people, should be good fun.

Ozzy Observations:

Observation of The Day: Jules and I need to work on our flexibility, or we are going to be old, stiff, creaky pensioners by the time we are 40 at this rate.

Today’s Finds: Jules brought a new bike off Gumtree. Nearly brand new and such a bargain. Fingers crossed I find one soon so we can go on more adventures around the city.

Animal Watch: Early morning yoga = face full of flies.


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