Day 33-37: Exploring Port Melbourne

This week sadly hasn’t been filled of massive adventures. The weather has been super rubbish until today (day 37 where its 32c). It rained all day Wednesday. Plus we have been super busy looking for jobs and having interviews.

I still haven’t  actually cooked a proper meal since we have been in the new place. Everything is so cheap around here takeout wise. I can get a 1/4 chicken and a huge salad for $10.90 from a place called Foxes Den. There is a fish takeout a bit further up the road but you can get a whole fish, prawns, calamari and a salad for $16. Why would you cook?


On another note, I think I am getting a name for myself around the neighborhood. I keep forgetting that other people can see into our room from their balconies. Twice now I have stripped down to my birthday suit to look up and see someone staring at me from the flat opposite. Immediately hitting the deck and hiding behind the bed, Jules comes to my rescue and pulls down the blind.

Onto the important stuff, we have found a cheap and well stocked wine shop about a five minute walk from here. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff who have sorted us out with a few decent bottles already. There is also a good wine bar / bottle shop too called Harry and Frankie. They have cherry-picked more than 600 wines for their sleek store, they also regularly hold wine tastings, which I am sure we will end up attending at some point.



Ozzy Observations:

Observation of The Day: To avoid anymore embarrassing ‘buffness’ situations; the blonds will now remain permanently closed in our bedroom. I cannot be trusted to remember to close them before stripping off.

Today’s Weekly Finds: More news story than ‘finds’ but a giant spider has been found in a bag of salad in Woolworths Australia. A further Google shows another lady found a pregnant spider in a bag of grapes just the other month. I am never buying pre-bagged veg ever again. Jeeze!!

Animal Watch: We saw a witchetty grub in the road a few days back. I decided after that there is no way I could ever go on ‘I’m a cleb’ those things are HUGE.



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