Day 30 – St Kilda Cycle Ride

Last night we found a cute cheap wine bar up the road called Jimmy Watson’s. They have a super cool rooftop beer garden, so although it was a bit miserable with the weather we could sit outside and drink reasonably nice cheap wine.


We started today (30th) slowly, we had some Ants to attend to in the morning (see animal watch) and then went and had breakfast at a new cafe we found called Uncle and Jak. Located in the heart of gyms and yoga studios, Uncle & Jak is the place to go for clean eating and dose of great coffee. I had the Avocado toast (Standard) and it has to be hands down the best Avocado toast I have had to date.



After our breakfast Jules and I hired bikes and cycled from the city down to Port Melbourne (where are are going to be living come February).

St Kilda Cycle.png

The beach below is at the end of our road (about 1 min away from our digs).


From there we cycled onto St Kilda and Brighton (posh seaside town) to view the bathing boxes which its renowned for.


On the way back we stopped and took some pictures of the city from Albert Park. Best known as the home of Formula 1 Grand Prix in March each year, Melbourne’s Albert Park is also a leafy inner-city retreat with a swan-filled lake, sports venues, playgrounds and a skyline view.


Ozzy Observations:

Observation of The Day: Jules used up a lot of loo roll. I think I have brought two 24 packs of toilet rolls in the last two weeks. That’s a lot of pooping this guy is doing. On another note, I do think he is loosing his marbles. All the heat maybe? Short term Amnesia we’ll call it. He looses things daily – phone, glasses, wallet. I think we might have to get him doing a daily Sudoku challenge.

Today’s Finds: Quest bars give me wind (serious). I have been having a few digestive issues and when doing some Google investigating apparently Quest bars can cause digestive issues. Jules has now banned me from consuming them.

Animal Watch: The house has been infested my ants. They are all over the kitchen. So Jules has been exterminating them with bleach and other cleaning products. Seems to have done the trick so far.

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