Day 31: Phillip Island Penguine Parade

So we had to move out of our apartment today but there was a delay between us leaving and our new apartment being ready, so we used our Christmas money (thanks Mum and Kev), hired a car and drove down to Philip Island.

Melbourne to Philip Island


We managed to get a right bargain of a deal on Groupon for an overnight stay at the Ramada resort. We had a one bedroom cottage for the night, featuring a full kitchen and outdoor deck. The resort has tennis courts, outdoor swimming pool and a gym. So we spend a few hours relaxing before heading to the Penguin Parade.


Each night at sunset Little Penguins returning ashore after a day’s fishing. As the sun fades in the sky, Little Penguins waddle up the beach to the safety of their homes in the sand dunes. We watched them from a tiered viewing area on the beach. Unfortunately we were not able to take any pictures because this might scare the penguins so I have pinched some of the official website so you can get an idea as to what we experienced.


Ozzy Observations:

Observation of The Day: Jules and I have acquired strange eating habits since moving to the other side of the world. For the last week dinner hasn’t been before 10-10.30pm.

Today’s Finds: There is a whole section in the supermarket dedicated to bug, insect, ant, spider killing and prevention etc… We stocked up.

Animal Watch: Little penguins of course.


2 thoughts on “Day 31: Phillip Island Penguine Parade

  1. This sounds amazing!! I bet it was so lush to see them coming up from the sea. Magical. I’m very jealous of your new lifestyle… and the fact you get to hang out with Penguins! But then again, I seen a dog on the street today… so there! :-p xxx


    1. The penguines were amazing. Not as cool as swimming with the seals and dolphins. We only saw a few dolphins they were super quick and the water was merky but it was cool. Not much diving or snorkeling spots around. I thought there would be loads but its not great for corals and fish. Which means…. we need to go up the Gold Coast obv. So we are planning a two week trip come crimbo. Christmas on Fraiser Island maybe? xxx


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