Days 25-27 – A Very Pictureless Update

Ok so my days are now back on sync.

Day 25 –  A Lazy Start and Cinema

So the day after Jules actual birthday (24th January) we were so tired so the day was spent lazing around, playing frisbee in the park, eating a late brunch and then hitting the cinema in the evening for the new Leo film. The cinema over here is awesome, firstly, the cinema is a 5 minute walk from us, secondly they do $8 Mondays, thirdly they have huge seats and loads of leg room, and last but not least there is a bar – prossecco, wine, G&T, beer – the lot.

Day 26 – Australia Day BBQ and New Friends

The 26th here was a bank holiday – Australia Day as they call it (commemorating the founding on 26 January 1788 of the colony of New South Wales). We had a chilled out morning and then headed over to one of Jules old uni mates houses for a BBQ (yay we have a set of friends).

Jules broke the ice when he was talking to everyone about his birthday events and finished with this description with “and Becky dressed up for me”… Silence fell over the party as everyone thought he was announcing some extra curricular activity to a house full of people I have never met. I stepped in pretty sharp after (slightly red) to try and retain some dignity explaining he meant the fancy dress for the cricket.

We have loads of new foodie recommendations for breakfast, brunch and dinner. Plus cool places to check out in Victoria and Australia in general. Will be adding them to my bucket list of things to do in 2016/2017.

Day 27 – Tennis and Ice Cream

Wow how tired am I today? I woke up and didn’t even have any energy to go to the gym. What happened there? The only way I could function was COFFEE and lots of it. I was to tired to walk so I decided to live life on the edge and get a coffee (well two strong coffees) from the launderette under our flat…

Now I know what you are thinking – “coffee in a launderette? surely that tastes like watered down pi$$” but the launderette is actually really cool and retro – games, wifi, music etc..


AND….. the coffee is AMAZING. Good and a bad thing. Good being – I love coffee. Bad being its right under the house and I might end up having to go to some weird AA meeting for my addiction.

After a morning of admin (job applications, visa paper work etc.) we went up the road to play some tennis. Inspired by the Australian Open and Murry we thought we would try and perfect our technique.

The evening ended with dinner at a Italian called Criniti’s on Lygon street. Wasn’t much to write home about to be honest, everything was super salty (but I won’t let Jules know that as it was slightly more expensive than usual and I don’t think he was to keen on going…).

We finished up with a famous gelato ice cream from Pidapipo Gelateria. The queue for this is always massive, like 30 people deep but worth the wait. The gelato is UNREAL. From vanilla, to peanut butter and salted caramel. The texture was incredible silky, creamy and smooth – no sneaky ice crystal.


Ozzy Observations:

Observation of The Day: Jules and I have unconsciously started co-ordinating our clothes. On a number of occasions we have ended up leaving the house in the same colours – think black shorts & burgundy top or denim shorts and white tee. Obviously I always look like the better half 🙂

Today’s Finds: Coffeeeeeee that’s all.

Animal Watch: Nada. Quiet. I feel something is brewing. Waiting to rear its ugly head / eight legs maybe? Watch this space.








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