Day 2o: Pierce Brothers

Friday night Jules and I went to see the Pierce Brothers at St Kilda – St Kilda is there hometown and the gig was put on right at the last minute. We originally saw the duo at Dot to Dot in Bristol and they were awesome. Originally buskers, they are now touring the world.

There are not enough words to be able to describe the energy and passion that the Pierce boys bring to the stage.  At one-point Jack played the didgeridoo, whilst using a foot drum and holding the harmonica at Pat’s mouth to play whilst playing the guitar.

Awesome night.

Ozzy Observations

Observation of the Day: Support acts are generally rubbish in Australia and play for WAAAYYY to long. It’s a WARM UP for a reason – short and sweet guys!!

Today’s Finds: We now have a transport planning app for Melbourne. Simply say where you are and where you want to get too and the app will plan your route. We will never get lost again – whoooo.

Animal Watch: We had a spider in the room when we got back – so the hoover came out. He wasn’t featured in Matt,s Book (Australian Deadly Animals for Dummies) so I figured we were ok.


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