Day 21: My Birthday

Ok so I have realised all my days are muddled as my birthday is the 23rd January and I am writing this post as if its day 21 – so my timings are all out of whack and I am unsure what happened on what day, but we’ll just forget about that for now ok?

So today was my birthday – big old 29. Our day started early as Jules had booked the day out with activities. First up was an Escape Room. What’s an Escape Room you might ask? In a nutshell they are a type of adventure game in which you are locked in a room and have to use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles, find clues, and escape the room within a set time limit. The concept is simple: solve a variety of puzzles placed in and around the room before your allotted time runs out.

There are loads of different types of Escape Rooms to choose from, we did “Lost in Paradise” – where the room is kitted out like a jungle covered island – lizards and snakes hide among crevices and plants, ramshackle structures, barrels and chests salvaged from a shipwreck conceal clues.

Apparently it was “good for beginners” so I had high hopes that Jules and I would solve all the clues, undo all the locks and escape within the 60-minute time allocation without any clues or help from the staff members (via radio). Well this wasn’t the case. We had to radio for help a lot. And we didn’t even get out of the first room within 60-minutes. We were even given extra time.

It was however super cool. I will definitely be doing another one soon – hopefully we will be better next time…

After we got lunch and then headed for activity number two – indoor golf. We got a two-hour experience in a realistic golf simulator at some of the world’s top courses. Needless to say I didn’t win.


After golf we got ready and headed out for dinner at 400 Gradi, a very popular and well renowned Italian restaurant in Melbourne. Jules had seafood linguine and I had lamb ragu – needless to say it was super yum. After dinner they made me a birthday Tiramisu and brought it out with some canals. Jules was hell bent on signing so he rounded up a group of Chinese students eating on the next table and they all sang.



We finished the night at the Crown Casino (largest casino complex in the Southern Hemisphere.) We had a $50 budget each. I went straight for roulette lucky number 23 as always and left $50 up.


Ozzy Observations

Observation of the Day: Jules and I suck at Escape rooms.

Today’s Finds: We suck at finding things – we would totally not survive a desert island experience

Animal Watch: Apart from the plastic lizards, spiders and monkeys in the escape room – nada.

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