Day 11: Torquay

Today Jules and I drove down to Torquay, the official start point of the Great Ocean Road and the birthplace of iconic brands Rip Curl and Quicksilver.


Jules got a bit excited with the sunscreen……

We chilled out on the beach for a few hours till we got hungry (standard). We found a super cute fish restaurant called ‘Fishos’ who serve beautiful fresh seafood in cardboard boxes and plastic cutlery overlooking the sea. They only use fresh local produce and line caught fish. Needless to say we left full and happy.


After our epic lunch we popped down to Bells Beach, which is located about 10 minutes outside of Torquay. This is where the world’s top surfers converge to tackle waves of up to five meters in the Rip Curl Easter Pro, the world’s longest running surf contest.


On the way home we only came across a ‘court’ of Kanagoos. I always thought they were lone animals. It was like seeing a herd of deer back in the UK.



Ozzy observations:

Observation of the day: There is a poltergeist in the house. Seriously, every time I go into the bedroom Jules suitcase is undone, in the middle of the bedroom and his clothes are everywhere. Each time I put it back with the other neatly stacked cases (aka my suitcases) and every time I return BAM there is it….. clothes everywhere…  These tormenting spirits keep playing this little game with me!!!!!!!

Funny elements aside, the Ozzys are super hot on their parking enforcement. We got another parking ticket. That’s 2 tickets in 3 days. Apparently you have to park your car to face in the direction of traffic. Another $90 down the drain. We have now read up on Ozzy parking regulations – enough to enter into some weird trivia quiz!!

Today’s Finds: The best (and I have tasted a lot) salted caramel Ice Cream I have tasted. The chunks of caramel where huge. I left a happy woman.


Animal Watch: (In Australian accent) “A court of Roo’s”






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