Day 9: Swimming with Seals

Today we headed back down to the Mornington Peninsular for some Dolphin and Seal swimming. I booked it for Jules Christmas present and we were both super excited. We got up super early at 6am to get down for the early morning session. Given I have not got up at this time for over 3 weeks 2 double shots of espresso were needed in my morning latte.

Our adventure began at Sorrento Pier where we collected all our snorkeling equipment. Naturally I put my wet-suit on the wrong way (seriously when will I learn?)

Our first stop on the tour were the Australian Fur Seals. They were so playful, we got to swim right close to them and got some great footage on the GoPro. They are such cute animals.

After the seals we went in search of the Bottlenose Dolphins. Unfortunately we didn’t see them on the cruise, but we get to go back for free within a month because of this, so fingers crossed we get to swim with them next time.

After we warmed up (seriously how cold is the water here?) and had some lunch we went for a walk along a beach in Portsea.


Sods law, as soon as we got to the beach and started walking we saw a pod of dolphins from the shore line.

All in all we had a super day, despite getting our first parking ticket of our holiday.

Ozzy observations:

Observation of the day: Jules cannot be trusted with the frying pan. Seriously, he burned my tub of fiber and super greens while cooking a steak. The plastic tub literally melted… He calls me a bad cook.



Today’s Finds: Today’s finds include food and wine… who would have thought? So a bar up the road called The Elvin Hotel has a ‘bottle shop’ attached to it. So you can buy some pretty decent  under $12 (that is 6 quid), pay a small corkage fee in the bar and drink it in the sun listening to live music. Great proposition.  Also the local supermarket has a ‘scoop and weigh bar’ for nuts and fruit. Seriously stocked up tonight. French Vanilla Almonds are my favorite. Although apparently my Abs think differently. Received a postcard from them today. They are loving Fiji and are unsure when they will return.

Animal watch: Seals, little fish, dolphins and huge crabs. In fact I saw two crabs mating. I thought they were fighting, but apparently the courtship ritual in crab world is quite physical.


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