Day 8: Sorrento Beaches

Today got off to another ropey start. My poached eggs were overcooked and hard. But I did find some amazing sour dough bread from the local shop. Win some and loose some I suppose.

Jules and I headed down to Sorrento today on the Mornington Peninsular, known for its white beaches, inland wineries and outdoor activities.



We spent the afternoon here chilling out in the sun and then headed back to Melbourne where we headed to a wine bar a few minutes up the road called Milk The Cow, a licensed fromagerie which stocks over 150 cheese alongside a vast range of wines. They specialise in cheese and wine flights, where your cheese board is paired perfectly with four samples of boutique booze.  Winning combo if you ask me.


Ozzy observations:

Ozzy observation: The sea is cold. Like UK cold. I did not sign up for this.

Today’s finds:  Pristine white beaches, clear blue sea and a perfect little wine bar. Today has been a good day.

Animal watch: I think Freddy (the spider in the bathroom window) is becoming less afraid of humans. He seems to be less shy and is increasingly coming out of his web and hanging about in the window. I am slightly concerned.










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