Day 6: Exploring the Laneways

Today Jules and I decided to use our Pocket Guide to Melbourne and explore some hidden laneways.


We started off at Degraves Street where we had a quick coffee stop before we started out. Naturally being so good at map reading I was the tour guide!


On our trip we visited Hosier Lane and Rutledge Lane two of Melbourne’s famed lanes known for their edgy street art.


We founds loads of hidden bars and clubs, including Section 8, an outdoor bar enclosed within a cage full of shipping containers and wooden-pallet seating; Croft Institute (super hard to find, Hidde in a laneway off a laneway with great grafitti, the slightly creepy Croft is a laboratory-themed bar downstairs, while upstairs on weekends they open up the 1950s-themed gymnasium bar; and Cherry Melbourne’s legendary rock ‘n’ roll bar.


The find of the day by far was the Meatball and Wine bar. My two favorite things in one cute little restaurant.


Ozzy observations:

Observation of the day: Australian call same sex couples ‘rainbow families’ I nearly started crying after I saw this poster (second to last bullet point).



Today’s finds: The Meatballs and Wine bar obviously. They serve up every type of ball you can imagine; beef, pork, chicken, fish and vegetable. I’m excited to try.

Animal watch: Jules attempted to remove the spider from the window in an attempt to prove to me he would be useful if an even bigger one invaded the house (he wanted to sleep with the bedroom window open and I would only allow to it if he proved he wouldn’t turn into a wining baby and hide under the covers like he did in the Sri Lanka bat incident).


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