Day 5: Lurgy and Zoo

So Jules has a cold and he has given it to me. I am coping with it much better but his is much worse (obviously). So today we had a rest day and went to the zoo.


Unlike UK zoos, where the animal habitats are set off behind giant glass walls or fences, this zoo has several enclosures that you can walk through.

I overcame my fear of butterfly and walked through a gigantic butterfly house. I didn’t even flap like a mad woman when one landed on my leg.


We made friends with some lemurs and were able to wander around the paths that cut through the lemur home. The meerkats were proper posers, one hopped on top of a log as soon as I got my camera out and looked right at me.

Other animals included lions, tigers and the native kola (my favorite).


Jules favorite animal was quite a rare species. They are generally quite shy and solitary but we managed to get an exceptional photo opportunity when they came out of there natural habitat to frequent the toilet.


Ozzy observations:

Observation of the day: I’m a pretty good photographer (just saying)!

Today’s finds: Two wine bars about 5mins up the road.

Animal watch: We went to a zoo. What didn’t we see……

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