Day 3: St Kilda and 20:20 Cricket

Today we ventured on a tram to St Kilda, the nearest beach to where we are staying. I am still major sunburn from yesterday (must remember to apply sunscreen not just take it with me, dogh!!) so today I covered myself in about an inch of sunscreen. The best description I have seen of St Kilda was written by ‘The Lonely Planet’;

While there are palm-fringed promenades, a parkland strand and a long stretch of sand, St Kilda’s seaside appeal is more Brighton, England, than Baywatch.

We headed back quite early as tonight we have tickets for the 20:20 cricket. The best form of cricket I recon, short, full of action and a bit of fun.


Ozzy Observations Update:

Today’s finds: New gym 5mins down the road. Bit rough round the edges but has all the gear so I am happy.

Observation of the day: Everyone seems to love Yoga. Yoga clubs are everywhere and sushi bars. I think I might join a club. Find my inner Zen and all that.

Animal watch: Nothing to report. Thank god.

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