Day 2: Best Breakfast Ever & Royal Bontanical Gardens

Woke up early (dam jet lag) and unpacked bags. Headed up the road and found a really nice corner cafe which serves the best coffee (Melbourne has a huge coffee culture). Had a small Piccolo coffee (my new favourite drink) and an amazing breakfast of smashed avocado, goats cheese and poached eggs on sourdough (the Ozzies love their sourdough). I could eat this everyday it was AMAZING.


No gym today and I am not even having withdraw symptoms at the moment. Something is clearly wrong……

Ventured to the Royal Botanical gardens in the afternoon, which had some great views of the city. Although I did feel a bit like a cow, flies were everywhere and they had no care for personal space, eyes, ears, mouth. They were everywhere.


Started filling in the ‘House Rules’ book with Jules. Nothing to controversial has come up yet. Although I found out he likes Fish Soup and Gravy on his chips.


Went to the local supermarket (Coles) and found that they sell Quest Bars for $4. Unsure if this is a good or a bad thing….

Ozzy Observations Update:

Observation of the day: They dress like I did 15 years ago. Ellesse and Fila? Its not a good look.

Today’s finds: Coffee shop up the road and Quest Bars on tap.

Animal watch: Found a spider in the bathroom. Luckily Matt’s Book ‘Australia’s Dangerous Creatures For Dummies’ tells me the spider is OK (it lives in the bathroom window). I hope my observations are currently correct – or it just bites Jules first.

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