Day 1: Arrival and NYE Fireworks

We landed in Melbourne just after 7.30pm. We actually moved through customs pretty swiftly, although it took me attempts to get through the e-passport machine. According to Jules its because I have aged a lot in three years? ‘Peter Pan’ got through on the first attempt.

Ankles post flight are not to bad. Jules are like sausages.

Other good news is… I can still poo (this never happens!!) but this year I was prepared and took lots of fiber gel on the flight and it seems to have done the trick.

Got to the apartment which is very art deco.


We are staying between Carlton and Fitzroy for the first month. Its quite a cool and vibrant area. There are lots of vintage clothing stores and second-hand bookshops, boutique cafes, live music venues, cocktail and wine bars.

We dropped the bags off and headed to Federation Square to watched the fireworks. Rather than being right in among the crowd we took the civilized approach and hired a table in a bar and drank gin and tonic whilst munching on some calamari.

Very happy.


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