Jervis Take 2 – A download from 2019

We loved Jervis bay so much, we decided to go back for Easter weekend in April. We did things a bit differently this time over, first off, we got a smaller van. The smallest van we have had to date.

We also decided to mix things up and stay somewhere a bit different in Hidden Creek Camp vs a caravan park (we learned our lesson last time and booked our campsites early).

Hidden Creek, is a hidden treasure, with very spacious campsites surrounded by giant shady trees and natural bush. Each campsite has its own firepit/BBQ. They burn incense in the evening to prevent the bugs from ambushing you. It’s one of my favourite camp sites to date.


We explored a few new beaches this time over, including Steamers, Kitty’s and Whiting Beach.

Steamers Beach in Booderee National Park is not for the faint-hearted. It is a long walk through the bush, with a steep set of stairs to access the beach. We arrived at high tide and the waves were crashing against the massive rock formations.

Kitty Beach is one of the Shoalhaven’s most remote beaches. It must have taken us over an hour to hike there. We basically had the whole beach to ourselves however, so it was well worth it. We went for a snorkel in the bay with the local fish and Jules saw a large shadow under a rock, calling me over to take a look. A few duck dives later and we still had no idea what the hell the fish/animal was. Turns out, it was a wobbegong shark, aka carpet sharks. This is because they are bottom-dwelling sharks, staying on the ocean floor. And yes, they can give a nasty bite if they are disturbed.

My favourite beach was Whitings Beach a secluded cove with crystal-clear waters and a freshwater creek running into the bay, perfect for snorkelling or swimming in the clear and fairly shallow water. We spent our time snorkelling, relaxing and enjoy the pristine beach and crystal-clear waters.


On one of the days, we spent a bit of time at Murray’s Beach, watching the sunset. We went for a little paddle in the sea and were surrounded by baby rays, I reckon we had about 10-15 surrounding our feet at one point. As I love rays, this was a beautiful moment for me, however, the process of getting out of the ocean wasn’t easy. I think I lightly stood on about 4.


Other highlights from the trip included:

  • Seeing a grey nurse shark (assumed it was a grey nurse shark) at Greenpatch beach. You could see it patrolling the beach. Everyone rushed out of the ocean like a scene from Jaws.
  • Paddleboarding and kayaking on the Currambene creek with huge manta rays below us.

All in all, we cannot wait to go back.

I love Jervis Bay!!!

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