Bright Camping – A download from 2019

In March 2019, for the long weekend, we headed 3 hours north of Melbourne to Bright for a 2-day camping adventure. We had stayed in the campsite a year before, which was handy, as we had to go down dirt tracks in the pitch dark to try and re-find it. We stayed right off the beaten track, next to a small stream. We loved how secluded it was the year prior, with no one around within a 200m radius.
When we arrived at about 9pm on Friday, we couldn’t see much and it had started to rain. We attempted to put the swag up (it takes 3mins max so it’s pretty easy) without it getting to wet and/or putting it right in cow shit lol.
We spent the next few days mountain biking at Mystic Park. One of the most fun mountain biking parks I have ever been too. I was actually quite confident on the runs which didn’t have too many tree stumps and rocks. I surprised myself with how quickly I would actually go. I even got airtime on a few jumps.
My favorite run was Shred Kelly’s Last Stand, a brand new flow trail.
✔Berms ✔ Flowy Goodness✔ Jumps✔….What more could you want?
I think I made Jules do it at least 5-6x over.
Post mountain biking, we always went for a beer at Bright Brewery before heading back to the campsite and making a campfire, so we could cook our dinner.
Our neighbour was super friendly, he gave us firewood, helped us light the fire (when Jules was having a few difficulties) and parked his van next to our tent and put the awning over it whilst it was stormy, so it didn’t get wet.

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