Day 8: Wanaka to Queenstown


Today was the day and the weather was perfect, I couldn’t have asked for better conditions, low wind, a bright blue, practically cloudless sky.

I wasn’t hardly as nervous of scared as I thought I would be. Everything happens so quick. You literally sit on the edge of the plane for a nano second before your skydive buddy jumps from the plane. Your brain doesn’t really have a chance to register what is happening and because you are so far away from anything, you don’t really feel as if you are falling. Hands down, it is one of the best things I have ever done.



After an adrenaline fuelled morning, we took a short 1hour drive to Queenstown, taking pictures on the way.


We booked into the camp site and then headed to the Skyline Luge, to take on over 800 metres of banked corners, tunnels and dippers.

Obviously, Jules made this competitive. We had 6 goes, who would be The Luge Champion?

Round 1: Becky won (Albeit we were on the beginner course)

Round 2: Jules distinct weight advantage gave him extra momentum at the bottom half of track and he overtakes Becky on a corner at the last minute to take victory

Round 3: Becky gets held up by a very slow group of four Hens (not chickens, they were part of a hen due), Jules sneaks through a gap at in the last 50m of the track to claim victory No 2

Round 4: Jules takes the lead undertaking me on a wide corner (I tried to keep my speed up to the detriment of being able to control the Luge, I was two wheeling at one stage. Lesson learned!)

Round 5: Becky manoeuvres around a track obstruction (Asian),  squeezing through a tight gap in the track. Jules (wider load) didn’t make it through and gets left behind. Becky claims her second win!

Round 6: The air is tense. Becky is determined to draw. She takes an early lead, keeps track of Jules manoeuvres all the way down, making sure he has no opportunity to overtake. With 2 mins to go, Jules sneaks past Becky on a wide corner. Becky panics, desperate to regain pole position, she stops breaking on any corners, the gap starts to close and she outmanoeuvres Jules at the last minute, claiming her 3rd win of the day. She screams uncontrollably at the end. Victory was had. 


End result: DRAW!

That evening we went to a cool wine shop where you can try over 80 wines. With the simple push of a button you can serve yourself wine, Champagne, sparkling wine, Whisky, Port and Sherry – by the taste, half or full glass.

We finished the evening in style – with a world famous Ferg Burger.



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