Day 7: Wanaka (Baby on Ice)

We headed to the slopes for around 10am. There were lots of wide beginner slopes, covered in a decent amount of snow, which made me super happy, as I was a bit nervous. I am however, happy to report that I picked up skiing like a duck to water. It all came flooding back shortly after I exited the ski lift and proceeded to ski straight into the safety barrier! On a serious note though, I wasn’t to shabby. I had a few falls and near mishaps, but I managed to conquer all the blue slopes and I was super proud of myself for giving everything a go.

The highlight had to be Jules falling over his ski (whist stationary) and being unable to get up after 4 attempts. Every time he attempted to get back on two feet, he ended u[ sliding further down the mountain on his arse. At this point I was crying so hard with tears I couldn’t be of any assistance to him whatsoever. He was finally helped up by three female ski instructors (I recon that was his plan all along!). A close contender for the daily highlight was when Jules  fell out of the ski lift into a heap on the floor.

Went to Cinema Paradiso in the evening, which is by far the best cinema I have ever been to.  It’s like watching a movie in your buddy’s giant garage.  The theatre seating is comprised of 2nd hand couches and an old Morris Minor. The best part about it, they serve freshly baked cookies during a half time interval.

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