Some new faces

So my group of friends left on the 27th and Kerri’s group of friends arrived that evening. A few old school friends were in Melbourne over Christmas and making their way to Sydney for New Year, so we invited them to pop by for few days. Cue more beer, pool games, late night chats and BBQ’s.

Kerri had to work which was a bit gutting, but I kept the lads entertained, taking them to the Murray River with the inflatable pool rings. The current is super strong, so the effect is almost like a lazy river. You jump in outside the River Deck cafe and float down the river to the Boat Ramp, about 300 meters downstream. You can make the rings spin like a teacup which is super fun (I did have to stop at one point as I ended up feeling a bit sick).

On their last day we ran out of gas for the BBQ (nightmare), so we packed up the ute and headed down to the boat house on the lake, where their is yet another BBQ. I recon this was the best BBQ we had over the past 8 days.

Chilling to music, eating great food under the stars, with the faint sound of small waves lapping on the lake shore.

Such a perfect setting.






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