London Grammar and You Yangs

Two epic things we did this week.

Tuesday, Jules surprised me with tickets to London Grammar (such a good boyfriend I have!). They were kicking off their tour in Margret Court Arena, we got their mega early so could get to the front. Although I prefer their older songs, was still a great gig. We have seen them 3x now. They were one of the first bands we saw when we started dating neatly 5 years ago. How time flies.

Second epic thing we did, mountain biking in the You Yangs. We hired bikes for $55 from the city, they had some serious suspension on them, best bikes I have ever hired by far. The You Yangs are about a hour from Melbourne, with two designated mountain biking areas that contain over 50 kilometers of track.

The easier and flatter Kurrajong Plantation weaves for 20 kilometers and consists of three loop tracks, of mainly green and blue runs. The Stockyards area has mainly blue and black runs. We stuck to the blue and had loads of fun. I did chicken out on a few of the rocky downhill bits (2 of them) but I gave the rest of the tracks my all. I even did the dirt jumps (a few steepies in their), rock gardens and berms.



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