Jet skis and paddle boards

Today I had the most fun morning in my life. We headed to flathead lake (hands down the biggest lake I have ever seen). It is approximately 30 miles (50 km) long,  16 miles (25 km) wide and 113m deep.

I hired a jet ski and basically bommed around making doughnuts and creating wakes for an hour.

Then Jo and I got some paddleboards and went on a little adveture. Bonus point – we managed to stay on our boards the whole time. We actually went quite far too. Best part was seeing 2x Bald Eagles in a burnt out tree on one of the private islands.

We finished our epic morning off by going for a 2 hour hike at Lone Pine Mountain. We happened to stumble across a young buck (no bears thank god) who posed for a few picture before darting back off into the forrest.


That afternoon, we drove to Whitefish, our home for the next 6 days. Our condo is on Whitefish Mountain Resort and is awesome.

Even though we have a fully equiped kitchen, we were pooped after all of todays activities, so we headed out to Stillwater Fishouse that evening for dinner. I had my first vino in 5 days!! And had a beautiful lobster dinner (plus half of Jos firecracker prawns – girl has to eat). Dad got chicken?? Not to sure what was going through his head when he ordered that, being at a fish resturant and all.

Tomorrow we head to Glacier National Park. Super excited.








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