Big 30

Argh, so I am now an adult right?

Firstly, thanks to everyone from the UK who sent me cards and presents.

Jules planned an amazing day for me. I couldn’t have asked for more.

Firstly, we secretly organised it with all my friends and secondly he brought me a chocolate moose cake which I had been banging on about for about 6 months. Good lad.

We kicked started the day with Urban Quest.
Basically, you form teams of 5-6 people. You each have a smart phone and you are given clues which send you all around the city of Melbourne. Its like a giant treasure hunt. Each clue sends you to a location where you need to find a code. Add the code into the app and another clue is unlocked. Definitely need a sports bra and trainers for this one. The clues were basically riddles, which had us finding hidden numbers, unlocking extra information on QR code scanners, finding actors hidden in the city and getting envelopes with extra information within them, calling random numbers with secret pass codes. It was a lot of fun!

The second half of the day had us playing barefoot bowls.
Lawn bowls is undergoing a youthful transformation in Australia. We headed to Windsor and played on Melbourne’s oldest club greens. Harder than it looks.


All in all I had a fun filled day, with brilliant people.

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