Chinese burn?

Today was slightly cloudy, which I seriously did not mind given the severity of the back burn. I donned a t-shirt and sat under the umbrella for most the morning (one is getting more sensible about the now I am just three months away from the big 30!!!!)
Jules attempted to surf for a few hours while I got on the bodyboard and carved up the waves. These things are seriously so much fun. Although they have given me a scabby belly burn though the friction caused from jumping and sliding on the board. This alongside the sunburn doesn’t make for an attractive girlfriend right now….
We had a Indonesian massage booked in at 2. Seriously amazing. They crack all your joints, work all the knots out your muscles, give your neck and scalp a good seeing too. I felt super refreshed after. Although I do not recommend this treatment with severe sunburn. When I saw the hot water bottle I knew I was in for trouble. I think for a good 30 mins it actually felt like I was getting a Chinese burn vs. a massage treatment. I think the pain receptors switched off half way though.
Tomorrow we have some more adventures planned. For now, we are just chilling.

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