Day 199: Date night

So i have finally managed to catch up on the number of days we have now been residents of Ozzy thanks to a super easy online calculator – hence the dates back in the titles.

So Jules and I try and have date night once a week. We take it in turns organising it.So far we have done the cinema, an escape room, played indoor crazy golf, been and explored various new restaurants. It was my turn last night, so I thought we would explore some of Melbourne’s quirky bars.

Melbourne as you would know is renowned for Laneways. Melbourne is always bragging about its ‘best-kept secrets’ that are tucked away in back alleys and laneways all over the city. We are yet to explore any really so I thought we would behave like tourists and go for a night out exploring some of the best.

On the itinerary

1.Fall from Grace

Fall From Grace is a cellar bar hidden within a restaurant (State of Grace), behind a bookshelf. Remove a book from said shelf, and the secret door will reveal a decadent drinking den, replete with marble staircase, chandeliers, candles and cosy velvet Chesterfield chairs.


The menu at 1806 is literally a book starting with drinks from the year 1806, and detailing the history of cocktail mixing right up to those heady recent times when we were all smashing Cosmos (remember those?). I had a Espresso Martini – my new favorite drink. Coffee & Booze – whats not to love.

3. Gin Palace

Arguably Melbourne’s most iconic bar, Gin Palace opened 18 years ago. The term ‘gin palace’ was commonly used in the 1800s to describe popular drinking haunts. Tucked away in a tiny laneway, once you find it, its like going back to the Old Victorian era, with draping fabrics and art deco furniture of contrasting textures, patterns and colours. Needless to say, they are renowned for their Gin, so G&T it was.

4. Rooftop bar

A bit of a anti climax as the rooftop was shut to the public, but we would have got awesome views over the city with this cheeky pub.

Jules is on date night this week, so lets see what he comes up with. I have a sneaky suspicion we might be going to the Christmas in July Icerink.





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