Day 73: We Are on The Move

So Jules and I are packing up shop from our new digs in Port Melbourne and moving to Albert Park. Super excited, house is lush (photo’s to follow) and its right next to a tennis court, driving range and golf course. Plus it has a swimming pool, along with a pretty useless free gym.The F1 which happens here in Melbourne next week goes along Lakeside Drive – so right next to our house and the lake (map below).
Albert Park Digs.png

Plus I am 5 mins from work. Winning.

Work cylce.png

To date, till we found this mega Gem, we went to visit houses which consisted of 1) a Brazilian/Bikini Model 2) an Italian/Part-Time Personal Trainer 3) a Melbourne House Wife/Cougar. Needless to say, Jules was in charge of finding a new home and organising house viewings. Coincidence do you think?

Ozzy Observations:

Observations Of The Day: I think I might get myself a name at work for the huge amount of food I seem to consume. Each time my boss went to talk to me today I had something in my gob. Biscuit, protein bar, cereal bar, cracked (mostly the freebies in the kitchen, got to make the most of free food these days in the #skintoooo state Jules and I are in till payday. Don’t worry times are not that hard… I have not yet nicked a loo roll from the bathroom.

New Findings: I would make a useless barista. I have attempted on about 6 different occasions to troth milk from the coffee machine at work and each time the receptionist lady has come running out telling me I am doing it wrong and making too much noise. Wonder who the new girl is????

Animal Watch: The Brazilian was a bit of an animal. She actually scared me. I have never seen Jules so quiet. Serves him right 😉

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