Day 16: The Great Ocean Road Part 2

We woke up super early to make sure we made the most of the day. First on out stop…. Coffee. Once we had a caffeine fix, we headed back onto The Great Ocean Road down to Cape Otway. We were going to do the lighthouse walk, but it cost $20 each so we decided against it. Instead, we drove to Maits Rest in The Great Otway National Park to walk around the rainforest.

Princetown to Maits Rest.png

On route we saw three Kolas at the side of the road. They are such cute animals, super fluffy, a bit tubby and lazy.


Maits Rest has a short walk that meanders through a tranquil fern garden, past huge moss-covered trees. Some are up to 300 years old. Neither my words nor my photo’s can do justice to this amazing little piece of rainforest.


Jules got in the tree this time….

After the walk we headed back to Lorne and walked from the beach to the pier where we saw four HUGE sting rays. We were going to go for a swim in the corals until we saw these beasts. An old fisherman told us some stories about 6foot sharks being seen off the pier… Needless to say those two things made us head back to the beach for shallower waters.

Ozzy observations:

Observation of the day: Suntan lotion full on stings when it gets into your eyes. I had to keep my eyes shut for 1.30 hours en-route home from the beach because they stang so much and no amount of water washing stopped the pain.

Today’s Finds: Short but sweet rainforest walk at Mait’s Rest.

Animal Watch: Kolas and giant Sting Rays.








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