Mornington Snorkel

First weekend in Feb was a scorcher. While we would have loved to have gone camping for the weekend along the coast, my new arm inversion program is on Saturdays at 2.30pm, so it kind of ruins any plans. Although I am not complaining as I do love it ALOT!

On the Sunday however, we headed down to the coast again. I forget how beautiful Victoria and Melbourne are at times and how lucky we really are to be here and have all these beautiful hidden beaches on our doorstep to explore. I really want to make the most of ‘staycations’ this year and get out exploring more.

Mornington Pier was on our hit list, mainly because we heard that there was some good (by Melbourne standards) snorkeling off the pier. I didn’t expect much. But I was plesently surprised. The waters were warm, the visibility was about 15m, we saw a few shoals of fish, a flounder, and two big black rays (this was by far my favorite thing to see ever. Such a majestic animal).

I also managed to capture a few pics below this time, vs ripping of Google.

Very happy, very relaxed and ready to kill the next 5 days.



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