Back to Seattle we go

Today we headed back to Seattle – a mere 10 hours in a car. I think I slept for most of the way. I have developed a new skill to almost instantaneously fall asleep at the slightest feeling of tiredness.

Cue Jo taking lots of pictures. I think I even drooled at one stage. Bad times.

The highlight of the drive back – Denny’s pancakes. I saw these advertised the first day I landed as being ’50% fluffier’ and been thinking about them ever since.

I got the buttermilk pancakes, with chocolate chips, banana, cream and hot chocolate fudge. Heaven! Lucky for me, Jo couldn’t eat all of hers, so I had 3 pancakes. Whooo.

This then put me back into a carb coma and I slept for another 4 hours until we reached Seattle.

After 10 hours Jo and I wanted a quick stretch, so we headed to the hotel gym. I tried to show her some ab exercises, which made her fart and had us in fits of giggles for about 5 mins. She then nearly dropped her phone on my head from standing. I think this was a deliberate move from her in an attempt to take out the witness / make me forget the gym fart  (which I did, until I looked back at my phone diary when writing these entries. I had to walk away from my desk due to uncontrollable laughter).


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