Bad belly

I Couldn’t drink coffee
I Couldn’t  eat breakfast
I missed lunch
I didn’t eat any of Jules food
I feel rubbish. I seriously cannot hold any food down and I feel sick.

But the holiday must go on. So like the trooper I am, I went out snorkeling for two hours on the Halik reef after I watched Jules eat his delightful Eggs Benedict (in envy).

Today’s snorkeling highlights included seeing  more turtles and  a black and white sea snake swimming to the surface for air. I was busy watching the turtles swimming below me and then in the corner of my eye noticed a shadow, so I turned around and the snake was basically next to me. Slightly startled I grabbed Jules fin and he managed to get it on the Go Pro (pictures to come!).

Post snorkel, we headed back to Ombak Sunset to get our pictures taken on the swings.

When we got back to the hotel I felt so drained. I ended up spending the remainder of the afternoon curled up on a sun lounger in the fetal position.

I was in bed at 7pm. Jules asked the hotel for some remedies. They supplied the following, which I had to take in the specific order shown below:

  1. Some form of fizzy water tablets
  2. Coconut Water
  3. Black tea
  4. Gastro pills

To be honest I did start to feel slightly better, although I really dislike black tea, so that made me feel sick in itself. Jules literally waited by my side till I drank it all (such a teacher haha).

Jules went for dinner by his tod and then played footie with all the hotel staff till 2am.
They think ‘Mr Jules’ is a ledge lol.

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